Final Chemo!

by Georgia

Given the pace of our life these days, I suppose it’s fitting that I would forget to take pictures of E’s final big chemo. Our move, my new job, J’s new job, and the pending baby brother have all necessarily shifted our life away from the plodding routine of cancer treatment. Chemo and steroids was tightly scheduled into a week, otherwise full of meetings and the chaos of living in a dorm with 25 teenage girls. Now, a month later, I barely remember what we did that week, though I’m sure there was tons of TV involved. I can’t even remember if it was particularly miserable or if she tolerated the whole thing well or poorly. Vincristine, spinal methotrexate, five days of steroids. It happened and it’s done and if everything goes as planned, I may never have to write those words again. I’d like to think that we could celebrate the end of this era with more fanfare, but it looks like the celebration will be in the living of a life too busy for cancer.

I said I forgot to take photos, but really I got a few. Most of them have J in them, so I won’t post them here, but I managed to capture a well-deserved nap:


And that night, when her bandaid fell off in the tub, I snapped a photo of what will hopefully be her final spinal tap markings.


From where I’m writing today, we have four more days of oral chemo and one port removal surgery to summit. Onward.