April and May Catch-up

by Georgia

The 366 project has officially moved from the backseat to the trunk, clanking around with the half-empty bottle of oil and spare tire. Sorry project. It’s OK though when actual life gets in the way of internet life. Arguably, this is preferable.

April heard me say, “I love three! This is the best age!” and April heard me say, “They were right! It is the terrible-threes! This is awful.” So grown-up she is and, for a few weeks in April, so defiant and grouchy and tantrum-prone, was she.  I can remember it felt like our family was falling apart for a few weeks, destroyed by the hands of a tyrannical beast-of-three. Now, I can’t even remember what all the fuss was about.  May smoothed it out. May brought flowers.

April was all, “Here, let me take something awesome like  a bike ride and ice cream and instead of enjoying it, let me express my displeasure.”


Then May came along and said, “Forget about it. Here’s a sun hat and a million tulips.”


May went on to say, “Here, I’ll throw in a trip to Nashville (first time on an airplane post-cancer and all went well!), a surprise wedding, mini golf, visiting some friends you haven’t seen in years, AND a bounce house. Take that April.”

Airplane travel is exhausting:

E’s favorite part of the surprise wedding was the juice boxes and getting to wear a Derby hat:




May even threw in a clinic visit who’s most traumatic moment was when the bacon ran out.


Then May 31st said, “Only 4 months and 10 days left of treatment. Two more big chemos and one port removal surgery and you, my friends, are finished.”

Thanks May.