March 5, 2013: february brought

by Georgia

We are coming up on our big chemo date this coming Monday and it seemed unfair to forget the month of February, even though it was mostly just snow, snow, snow.





We fit in one very uneventful clinic day for E’s IVIG. Counts were good. E’s mood was one of being generally “over it,” but she was cooperative enough. There was much TV watching. What can I say? She’s kind-of a pro at this now (both the cancer AND the TV watching).


February brought us much time spent indoors, mostly in what E now calls “my Hooooouse.” This is a favorite picture of mine – father and daughter, cramped in a tiny, overturned Ikea tent, leaving mama alone:


Once the 3 feet of snow melted a bit, February brought us a few sneak peaks of spring to remind us that there are some desperately-needed, glorious days just around the corner.



February brought us time spent with friends:


And trips to the kid’s museum:



February also brought us a suddenly very picky eater, which we are trying to just ignore and hope it’s a passing phase.  Thankfully, she still doesn’t realize that spinach, carrot, apple, mango, avocado Vita-Mix smoothies are “healthy” so we’re drinking them for three meals/day now in an effort to combat the goldfish/hotdog diet she’s trying to promote. Snapped a picture at her friend’s birthday party just as she was perfecting her look of despondency that Goldfish were not on the menu . . .



February even brought J and I two whole nights away! We went skiing with friends while Elsa was living it up at Nona and Bobo’s. The time away was perfect.

Here’s the funny thing about not doing the 366 project anymore. Prior to writing this post, if someone had asked me about February 2013, my knee-jerk reaction would be that it was a 5/10. Maybe even a 4. Now, after sifting through our photos and smiling about E’s ridiculous faces, and all the fun stuff we did, I feel like February was total win! I miss the 366 project for that – every day gave me a moment to reminisce about a nice moment during the day and, cumulatively, it left me with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Glad to be back on the blog.