350/366: no diapers

by Georgia

music together

My mom has a few pictures of me sitting on the potty when I was a toddler and I remember being vaguely mortified by these pictures as a teenager. For Elsa’s sake, I won’t post the picture that I really love of her from today – the one of her sitting on the potty, eating an ice cream cone. You’re welcome, future-Elsa.

Just know that, in this picture from our music class, she is officially diaper-free. We have arrived in the sacred land of officially potty-trained and it’s glorious. Granted, we waited until almost her third birthday, but, after all the nonsense her body has been through, I had put my foot down about potty-training. No way was I willing to put in any real effort, nor was I going to fight with her about it. So, this past Wednesday, after some weeks of her seeming really ready, I told her “Oh darn! We don’t have any more diapers. I guess you’ll have to use the potty today.” And that was that. It wasn’t really potty training so much as it was, “Here. Can you use the potty now instead?” and she said, “Ok.” After the past 18 months, we really needed something to be super easy.