336/366: fire hose

by Georgia


Unrelated to this fire hose or to the neighborhood holiday festival that brought us to this fire house: Today is Elsa’s 500th day of treatment. Whenever we hit these big numbers, I travel back to our third day. Day 3 when Dr. Parikh told us, “She will need two-and-a-half years of chemo,” and I furiously did the math in my head . . . she will be 3.5 years old when she finishes all this? IF she finishes all this? I could never have fathomed today, Day 500, at the holiday fair. An evening of making cookies and eating absurd amounts of free candy and aside from having to run back to the car for the Purell and giving her a nightly dose of 6-MP later that night,nothing today really had to do with cancer at all.