321/366: family fun amusement park

by Georgia


For me, the mall ranks up there with: hospitals, sitting in New York City traffic, and the grocery store on Senior Discount Day.  There is almost nothing I dislike more than shopping at the mall. The one time per year that I end up at the mall for a bra or a pair of jeans, I always leave feeling depressed, ugly, fat, and totally disappointed in humanity. Lately, though, as the sun has started setting at noon (at least it feels like noon) and we are learning to slog through our 20 hours of daily darkness, the mall is actually becoming our own personal family amusement park. That’s the great thing about two-year olds: EVERYTHING can be fun. Apparently, even the mall can be fun. We don’t go to buy anything and it’s actually almost like a fun-filled children’s museum: we go play on the ipads at the Apple Store, we jump on the bean bags at the bean-bag furniture store, we drink free tea samples at the tea store, we eat free sample snacks at Harry and David, and we use the loooooong hallways and hundreds of frenzied holiday-shopping zombies  people to practice our running, jumping, and dodging skills. This time of year (apparently Christmas now starts before Thanksgiving?) comes with the added bonus of holiday decorations and Santa Claus sitting on his throne in front of a giant, Disney-movie-themed snow globe. I could wax self-righteous about the horrible commercialization of Christmas and the downfall of humanity, but look at this girl. She freaking loves the giant, Disney-movie-themed snow globe.